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Clarity Above All Else

Precision. Efficiency. Intent. These are the foundations of effective writing. Whether you’re revealing truths about our world or simply spinning a good yarn, our editors will ensure that your ideas are expressed with maximum clarity for maximum effect.

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Why Choose Forge?

We don’t simply make better writing. We make better writers.

That’s because editing is a collaborative process of refinement, one that removes the unnecessary and builds upon strength. Our wordsmiths identify the best elements in your work, then provide expert guidance for making them shine.

“Brandon provided excellent service. He gave me strong insightful feedback full of helpful suggestions to improve character and story.”

Jon C.

Our success is your success. Let us help you succeed.

What We Offer

From concept development to proofreading, Forge provides a range of editing services designed to meet your unique editorial needs. We consider projects for both commercial and academic publishing, including:

Commercial Editing Services

  • Full-length Manuscripts (Novels and Non-fiction)
  • Short Stories and Flash
  • Editorials

Scientific Editing Services

  • Journal Articles
  • Thesis Chapters
  • Conference Abstracts and Posters
Example line edit for a scientific manuscript; use the slider to compare with the original. Content reproduced with consent of the author.

“Brandon has helped me tremendously. He is easy to work [with]. He got this job done quickly while exceeding all expectations I had for it. I would absolutely recommend working with him.”
– Sara S.

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No two projects are alike. That’s why it’s important to evaluate each project at the outset and identify which editing services are best suited to meet your needs.

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